Antonio Diaz y Bermudez:

Antonio Diaz y Bermudez makes all his pieces by hand in his workshop Taramundi. Antonio wrought iron hand as was his father, heats the iron hand shapes and tempers as tradition and secrets of masters have taught him. In his studio also makes the handles from virgin material, to get these unique pieces of organic forms.

Antonio Diaz y Bermudez Artesano Taramundi


Calvín Manuel Garcia has his Workshop in Taramundi, where he works his razors. Use different types of materials to make them, usually made of stainless steel blades and handles of different types of wood being the most used boxwood. Your knife is more characteristic of the natural protective box with a layer of varnish, and also those done in smooth and decorated.

Artesano Taramundi Calvin

Jose Luis García:

Jose Luis Garcia is the current generation Corveiras ferreira after many, mainly dedicated to knives. Produces kitchen knives and table with modernized traditional look Taramundi knife with a shot of the parts clean. In its production include kitchen knives.

Artesano Jose Luis Garcia

Jose Legazpi:

Jose Legazpi is a dedicated craftsman Taramundi more to the production of craft knives hand forged steel and natural wood handle. Create unique pieces that reveal the hand of the artisan who has worked the material, to create a piece that conveys authenticity.

José Legazpi Taramundi

La Cuchillería:

La Cuchillería is an association of craftsmen Taramundi together in order to increase the impact of traditional razor knife and the area. The association was born with the clear objective of adapting knowledge of local crafts to the current demands of the public.
Lets look rudimentary parts most traditional crafts and tries to create pieces with clean, ergonomic design more tailored to the needs of our time. Not forgetting the knife and long knife.
Produce kitchen knives, font, and table mountain, besides knives with multiple types of decoration.

A single Court of traditional craftsmanship.

La Cuchillería de Taramundi

Manuel Alonso Fojaca:

Artisan Riotorto (Lugo) and works principally the knife, in their classical forms and variations that it develops, forged iron hand the traditional way with the knowledge of the teacher, a few knives of exceptional quality that suggests the hand expert craftsman.
Carbon steel and hand grips made of different woods (cherry, boxwood, heather ...). Parts already seeing them offer the guarantee of hand craftsmanship.

Manuel Alonso Fojaca en su taller

Manuel Martinez:

Taramundi Manuel Martinez makes all their knives by hand, the completely hand forged from iron metal to the final leaf shapes mango wood from virgin wood, especially works heather and American boxwood. His knives have a special charm because being 100% hand made all their pieces are unique and different, none is exactly the same as before. Also, to be made one at a time, their knives never decorated their decorations repinten not always make variations in designs because it did not have machined. They can see beyond the object to understand the uniqueness of the handmade to the industrial productions.

Artesano Taramundi Manuel Martinez

Pedro Bermudez:

Pedro Bermudez works his razors with innovative spirit Taramundi's razor, which stands to see his pieces. In their knives tries to refocus new materials for the handles, including inlays and material combinations.

Artesano de Taramundi Pedro Bermudez

Juan Carlos Quintana:

Juan Carlos Quintana deTaramundi working their knives minded update Taramundi knife and razor. Use for steel parts and high quality materials, creates contemporary designs for your pieces keeping the spirit and identity of the knife and knife Taramundi; works the whole leaf, shell and handle parts carefully to get clean and with a very good finishes.

Artesano Taramundi Juan Carlos Quintana

Pedro Conde:

Pedro Conde forged stainless knives by hand, they reflect the spirit of the artisan worker ever, with the imprint of the hammer that gives parts of natural origin and remembers that the object was made by someone and has an author.
In their knives wealth is in the sheet where you see your specialty ferreiro.

Artesano Taramundi Pedro Conde


Regodeseves Castropol is a craftsman. It has a wide variety of knives and knives produced by hand, use different materials in the handles and decorate their knives Hand crafted with techniques like carving and filling (which from a create a flat drawing size) or painted with pigments on different types of wood.

Artesano Navajas Regodeseves


Martin Lombardia works in his studio in Taramundi with stainless steel blades, wood like boxwood, olive, yew, walnut, other materials such as Micarta, and metals which makes coated ferrules and handles of the knives such as brass or silver.

Its most characteristic knife has the handle covered with brass or silver and is decorated with geometric forms reminiscent of Celtic symbolism.

Lombardia Taramundi Navajas artesanales