Secure payment

The purchases you make on our website are completely secure: your personal and banking data is protected and not accessible to unauthorized persons at any point of the process. You can also choose from the payment options: Paypal or COD.

Through Paypal you can make your payment by credit card or with your Paypal account.

To pay by card without a paypal account you have to choose the option "Do not have a paypal account?" within the Paypal payment gateway, and you can make payment by credit card, we will offer to make a paypal account but not required if you use credit card like MasterCard or VISA.

During the payment process on Paypal gateway logo in green and the address "https" access and guarantee 100% secure payment.

COD payments incur an additional charge which is considered part of your choice of payment and shipping costs so you need to be borne by the customer also in the offers for shipping charges incurred by seller.