Handmade knives 9 cm by La Cuchillería de Taramundi


Taramundi handmade knives, made by La Cuchilleria, artisan follow traditional teachings for producing handmade knives, he makes the handle with natural wood and produce the handmade knives.

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ArtisanLa Cuchilleria
Blade length10
Blade steelAcero inoxidable
Blade processTroquelado
Material of handleMadera de Boj
Decoration of handleLisa
DishwasherNO APTO

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Handmade knives 9 cm

Handmade knives made by La Cuchillería de Taramundi in Taramundi. The artisan uses existing techniques and modern designs to traditional handmade knives.

These handmade knives have a short steel blade, perfect for use in cooking, craft knife blade has the ideal size for everyday use in kitchen. With this handmade knives you can peel potatoes, cut or even enjoy a good steak on the dining table.


La Cuchilleria is a company formed by craftsmen Taramundi together to expand the impact of the knife and knife in the area. The company was founded with the clear objective of adapting knowledge of local crafts to the current demands of the public.
They take traditional handmade knives and try to create handmade knives more cleanest and ergonomic designs tailored to the needs of our time. Not forgetting the handmade pocket knives and long knife.

La Cuchillería de Taramundi